IMProVe 2011


                                                          International Conference on

          Innovative Methods in Product Design 


                                                     June 15th – 17th, 2011, Venice, Italy 





Key dates












Submission and peer review process

Authors are invited to submit abstracts which will be peer reviewed for relevance to the Conference Topics.

Full papers will be submitted without the authors' name, for anonymous peer review.

After the acceptance notification with the essential corrections and the proposal for oral presentation or poster session, the final work must be submitted.

All the proceedings will be published in the official site of ADM and selected paper will be published on a thematic issue of the International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing. Also a printed copy of the proceedings, ISBN coded, will be given to participants.

Only one work for every registration fee will be accepted.

All the paper shall be submitted in English.


Abstract submission

An abstract of max 400 words should be submitted trough the online form. Abstract word count do not includes title, authors and affiliations.

Click here to submit an abstract.

Click here to edit your submission.


Full paper submission

A full paper can be submitted without the authors' references (no authors' name or affiliation must be appear in the article). Papers will be reviewed even if no abstract has been sent.

Click here for download the template in Microsoft Word format and the indication to use in the full paper preparation. (Template.pdf or Template.docx format are also available).

You can upload the paper using the password and the ID assigned during the abstract submission phase using this link (a Microsoft Word file format named ID.doc or ID.docx is required).

Author who didn't submit an abstract (i.e. without an ID) can click here for upload the full paper.

Click here to edit your submission.


Revised paper submission

After the acceptance notification, taking into account the reviewers indications, the paper must be corrected and submitted including the authors' references. The revised paper substitute the previous work in Microsoft Word format.

Click here for submit the final paper.

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The final work will appear in the proceedings only if the author make a registration within the relevant deadline (see Key Dates).


Oral presentation and poster session indication

More indication will be available after the acceptance notification.




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