IMProVe 2011


                                                          International Conference on

          Innovative Methods in Product Design 


                                                     June 15th – 17th, 2011, Venice, Italy 





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Time Table:

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Oral presentation and poster session

Oral presentation:

about 12-15 min plus 3-5 min for discussion are planned for each contribution.

Slides should be formatted in MS power point (.ppt or .pptx) and given to the staff at least 15 minutes before session beginning.

Poster size: up to A0 (1189 x 841 mm).


Detailed program (pdf version):

Wednesday, June 15th

Thursday, June 16th

Friday, June 17th

Poster session

Extra Congressual Activities

(for other activities visit the official website of "Città di Venezia" or the official site of the tourist board of Venice)


Wednesday, June 15th

09.00-11.00     Registration

11.00-12.00     Auditorium Hall

                           Welcome and conference opening


12.00-13.45  Lunch

14.00-15.00  Auditorium Hall
Invited keynote

Gabriel Defranco


Universidad Nacional de la Plata - Facultad de Ingeniería
Cátedras Gráfica Para Ingeniería  y Sistemas de Representación, Argentina

“Innovative Methods in Industrial Engineering and Architectural Design”


15.00-16.30 Auditorium Hall
Session S1A

“Geometric Modelling and Analysis”


A fast algorithm for manifold reconstruction of surfaces
L. Di Angelo, L. Giaccari

A parametric associative modelling of aeronautical structural concepts under C0, C1 or C2 continuity constraints
V. Dattoma, M. De Giorgi, S. Giancane, P. Manco, A.E. Morabito

Development of an algorithm for a triangular approach to the sphere based on the Platonic solids using MATLAB scripts.
M. Heredia Conde, M. Pérez Vázquez, J. M. Gomis Martí

Parametric modeling of free-form surfaces for progressive addition lens
G. Savio, G. Concheri, R. Meneghello


15.00-16.30    Theater Hall
Session S1T

“Reverse Engineering”

Chairman: Prof. Javier Muniozguren Colindres

Automation of the finishing process of steel yacht hulls based on optical scanning
A. Paoli, A. V. Razionale , D. Saba

Computation of optimal acquisition viewpoints for the 3D optical inspection of mechanical components
R. Raffaeli, M. Germani, F. Mandorli, M. Mengoni

Experimental analysis for error compensation of laser scanner data
F. De Crescenzio, M. Fantini, F. Lucchi, L. Seccia

New CAD/CAM process: an elaboration of the geometrical matrices of rosette
M. Giordano, S. Barba, L. A. Lopresti, G. H. Defranco

Construction of a geometric reference model for automatic non-ideality evaluation of an acquired high-density workpiece
L. Di Angelo, P. Di Stefano, A. E. Morabito


15.00-16.30    Room 6
Session S1S

“Design Methods and Applications”


Design of physical prototypes to analyze aerodynamic effects
J.L. Santolaya, R. Miralbés, V. Navarro, J.A. García, E. Calvo

Design optimization based on eco-design and mechanical analysis
I. Lopez, R. Miralbes

Development of a trade-off function for robust optimization problems in design engineering
T. Quirante, P. Sebastian, Y. Ledoux

Improving helicopter flight simulation with rotor vibrations
A .Ceruti, A. Liverani, L. Recanatesi

Optimization by particle swarm algorithms of an UAV performed by hot wire cutting techniques
A. Ceruti, G. Caligiana, F. Persiani


16.30-16.45     Coffe break


16.45-18.15     Auditorium Hall
Session S2A

“Geometric Product Specification and Tolerancing”

Chairman: Prof. Alain Riviere

An Extracting Points Strategy for Flatness Measurement on Components by means of CMM
R. Rosa, S. Rizzuti

Integration of tolerances in the mechanical product process
               M. Tlija, B. Louhichi, A. Benamara

Influence of form errors in plane surfaces assemblies
J. Grandjean, Y. Ledoux, S. Samper

Experimental comparison between displacements and surface defects measurements applied to planar joint
H-N. Lê, Y. Ledoux, P. Darnis, A. Ballu

Assembly analysis for spot-welded compliant assembly: Guidelines for formalizing the plasticity contribution to tolerance analysis
S. Moos, E. Vezzetti, A. Zompì

Form errors estimation in free-form 2D and 3D geometries
A. Cerardi, R. Meneghello, G. Concheri, G. Savio


16.45-18.15    Theater Hall
Session S2T

“Image Processing and Analysis”


Automated dyeing of free-form leather patch edges: a Machine Vision based system
L. Governi, Y. Volpe, M. Toccafondi, M. Palai

Automatic image-based car profile character line recognition
M. Fiorentino, A. E. Uva, G. Monno

The detection of petroglyphs through digital image processing. The particular case of the stone inside the chapel of Saint Bartolomé (Lugo-Spain)
M.L. Gil, J. Ortiz, S. Martínez, B. Vazquez, T. Rego

Automatic detection and tracking of planar markers in a stereo-vision system
P. Franciosa, S. Gerbino

Fast Correction of Tiled Display Systems on Planar Surfaces
C. Zoido, J. Maroto, G. Romero, J. Felez


16.45-18.15    Room 6
Session S2S

“Engineering Methods in Medicine”

Chairman: Prof. M.Luisa Martinez Muneta

Design of a new tibial intramedullary nail
T. Ingrassia, A. Mancuso, V. Ricotta

An integrated methodology for functional simulation of dental prosthesis
               R. Meneghello, M. Turchetto, G. Savio, A. Cerardi, L. Planchenstainer, G. Concheri

Methods and tools dedicated to shoes customization for people with diabetes
M. Germani, M. Mandolini, M. Mengoni, R. Raffaeli, E. Montiel, M. Davia

Studying the influence of thread features in osseo-integrated implants
P. Franciosa, M. Martorelli

Innovative design of customized surgical devices for mandibular rehabilitation
M. Fantini, F. De Crescenzio, L. Ciocca


18.45-20.00    Dinner


20.30-21.30    Visit at mosaics and “Pala d’oro” in Basilica di S. Marco




Thursday, June 16th

09.00-10.30 Auditorium Hall
Session S3A

“Virtual Reality and Interactive Design

Chairman: Prof. Xavier Fischer

Augmented reality integration in product development
A. E. Uva, M. Fiorentino, G. Monno

A method for systematic usability evaluation of interactive product interfaces
M. Mengoni, S. Ceccacci, M. Peruzzini, M. Germani

Dynamic splines for interactive simulation of elastic beams in augmented reality
P.P. Valentini, E. Pezzuti

A product innovation method based on the synergy between TRIZ and interaction design
S. Filippi, D. Barattin

Mixed prototyping environment with different video tracking technique
F. Bruno, A. Angilica, F.I. Cosco, M.L. Luchi, M. Muzzupappa


09.00-10.30 Theater Hall
Session S3T

“Surveying, Mapping and GIS Techniques”

Chairman: Prof. Cesar Otero Gonzales

Methodology for the metric restoration of the historical cartography applied to Francisco Coello´s cartografic series of the Royal Site of Aranjuez
J. C. Asenjo, C. San Antonio, R. García

Determination of orthometric heights from LiDAR data
J. L. Pérez, A. T. Mozas, A. López, F. Aguilar, J. Delgado, I. Fernández, M. A. Aguilar

Geometric processing of GeoEye-1 satellite imagery for coastal mapping applications
M. Ángel Aguilar, F. J. Aguilar, A. Fernández, I. Fernández, M. del Mar Saldaña,
               A. M. García Lorca; J. G. Negreiros; A. Viciana; E. González

Improvements in the determination of extrapolated shorelines using Elevation Gradient Trend Propagation method.
I. Fernández, F. J. Aguilar, J. L. Pérez, M. A. Aguilar, A. Mozas, A. López

Robust surface matching as a rapid technique for terrain change detection
F. J. Aguilar, I. Fernández, M. A. Aguilar, J. Delgado, J. G. Negreiros, J. L. Pérez


09.00-10.30 Room 6
Session S3S

“Design Methods and Applications”


Structural and topological optimization in robot design
S. M Oliveri, M. Calì, G. Sequenzia, G. Fatuzzo

Design of a device for stability control system, to decouple loads, for an optimized maintenance in hostile environment
R. Ambu, C. Falchi, A. Manuello Bertetto

Difficult design optimization problem : management of large solution spaces and optimization algorithm selection
A. Collignan, J. Pailhes, P. Sebastian

Decision support system to design autonomous Microsystems
V. Dupé, R. Briand, X. Fischer, P. Sébastian


09.00-10.30 Grecale Hall

Poster exhibition


10.30-11.00    Coffe break (c/o Grecale Hall)


11.00-12.15    Room 6

IJIDeM Board


11.00-12.15    Grecale Hall

Poster session


12.15-13.00  Auditorium Hall
Invited keynote

Alain Bernard


Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France

“Virtual Engineering for Innovation”


13.00-15.00 Lunch


15.00-16.30 Auditorium Hall
Session S4A

“Geometric Modelling and Analysis”

Chairman: Prof. Ferruccio Mandorli

Geometric modelling of metallic foams
A. Carofalo, M. De Giorgi, A. Morabito, R. Nobile

Shape optimization of smooth surfaces with arbitrary topology
P. Kiciak

Modeling methods in parametric design. Order matrix
               J. López Soto; P. R. López Para; J. L. Caro Rodríguez

Constrained fitting of B-Spline curves based on the Force Density Method
L. Barbieri, F. Bruno, M. Muzzupappa, J.-P. Pernot


15.00-16.30 Theater Hall
Session S4T

“Innovative Methods in Architectural Design”


From Wayfinding to Waysharing: interaction/information/interactivity for existing hospitals
               F. Bianconi, S. Andreani

New materiality: Digital fabrication and open form. notes on the arbitrariness of architectural form and parametric design.
               C. L. Marcos

New key factors in drawing up a building
               M. Valiente López, T. Gil López, E. Martínez Borrell, I. Anta Fernández

Architecture = Design? The increasingly strong link between 3D modeling and automated  manufacturing
               M. Capone

Wayfinding on public spaces: the UPV case
               J. Gonzalez-del-Rio, O. Ampuero-Canellas, B. Jorda-Albiñana, J.I. Rojas-Sola


15.00-16.30 Room 6
Session S4S

“Engineering Methods in Medicine“


Analysis and design of a thrombectomy device by using simulation techniques
G. Romero, M.L. Martinez, J. Felez, G. Pearce, G. Romero, M. L. Martinez, J. Felez,     G. Pearce, N. D. Perkinson

Analysis of TMJ Replacement Using a Finite Element Model
M. Mesnard, A. Ramos, Y. Nyashin, M. Aoun, JA. Simoes, VA. Lokhov

A CA system for RGP contact lens design
L. D’Angelo, M., Rizzi

A Novel Method of Removing Artifacts in Dental CT Images
M. Martorelli

3d facial symmetry evaluation from high-density scanned data
L. Di Angelo, P. Di Stefano, A. Spezzaneve


16.30-16.45 Coffe break (c/o Grecale Hall)


16.45-18.45 Auditorium Hall

ADM meeting


16.45-18.45 Theater Hall

INGEGRAF meeting


16.45-18.45 Grecale Hall

Poster withdrawal


19.00           Boat departure from San Servolo to Torcello

Gala dinner

(c/o Osteria Cipriani – Torcello Island)




Friday, June 17th

09.00-10.30 Auditorium Hall
Session S5A

“Integrated Product and Process


Design for recycling problematic: application to composite parts
P. Nicolas, K. François-Xavier, P. Stephane, M.  Olivier

A novel tool for pneumatic spindle design
M. Carfagni, R. Furferi, Y. Volpe

A novel method for sensitivity analysis and characterization in integrated engineering design
A.O. Andrisano , M. Ansaloni , F. Leali, M. Pellicciari, A. Vergnano

A survey on systematic innovation strategies for product design and development
C. Bandera, S. Filippi, B. Motyl

Adaptation and implementation of a process of innovation and design within a SME
A.A. Ammar, D. Scaravetti, J.P. Nadeau


09.00-10.30 Theater Hall
Session S5T

“Industrial Design and Ergonomics”


Design Semantics: Even hybrid Motorcycles need to make noise.
M. Jaafarnia, A. Bass

New comfort evaluation criteria: application on movie-theatre design
N. Cappetti, C. D’Oria, A. Naddeo

               A. M. Manferdini, E. Manferdini

Validation of a new index for seat comfort assessment based on objective and subjective measurements
A. Lanzotti, M. Trotta, A. Vanacore


10.30-11.00    Coffe break


11.00-12.30    Auditorium Hall
Session S6A

“Integrated Product and Process


An informatics tool to extract feasible assembly sequences from CAD, in automated way
R. Viganò, G. Osorio-Gomez

A web-based platform to design energy efficient electric motors
C. Favi, M. Germani, M. Marconi, M. Mengoni

Integrated design of robotic workcells for high quality machining
A.O. Andrisano, F. Leali, M. Pellicciari, F. Pini, A. Vergnano

Understanding a particular semantic dimension: how selecting the products for evaluation tests?
E. Aliouat, J.F. Petiot, D.Blumenthal, M. Danzart, J.M. Sieffermann

Integrated product and process design for microproduct development via microforming
W.L. Chan, M.W. Fu

A procedure for early environmental assessment of industrial products
C. Rocco, S. Rizzuti, L. De Napoli


11.00-12.30    Theater Hall
Session S6T

“Surveying, Mapping and GIS Techniques”


Architectural survey and Robotics: new frontiers in study, preservation and restoration of historical sites

Geometric characterization of landslide in a road embankment using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry
               F. Carvajal, F. Agüera, M. Pérez

The artesonado of the hunters' lounge. Palace of the infantado of Guadalajara
               A. M. Trallero Sanz, A. Marín Palma, A. López-Tercero, G. de los Galanes, E. García     Martínez

A GIS approach to monitor territorial transformations: digital assessment of the cycle paths in Paestum
               B. Messina, P. D’Agostino

 Augmented Reality: an innovative alternative for the collaborative design on construction’s projects
                M. Brodeschi, F. Patiño Cambeiro, I. Goicoechea Castaño , F. Patiño Barbeito,
                J. I. Prieto López

12.30-14.30    Lunch


14.30-16.00 Auditorium Hall
Session S7A

“Simulation and Experimental Approaches”7


An investigation on the validity of 3D clothing simulation for garment fit evaluation
Y.Y. Wu, P.Y. Mok, Y.L. Kwok,  J.T. Fan,  J. H. Xin

Simulating airport operations in a synthetic environment
S. Bagassi, D. Francia, F. Persiani

Virtual prototype development for comfort assessment of occupational footwear sole
               P. Franciosa, S. Gerbino, A. Lanzotti, S. Patalano, V. Rufrano, M. Trotta, L.Silvestri,      L.Frattari

Development of a test machine for the tappet characterization
S. M Oliveri, M. Calì, G Cacopardo, G. Fatuzzo, G. Sequenzia


14.30-16.00 Theater Hall
Session S7T

“Innovative Methods in Architectural Design


Descriptive models and  knowledge management. Experiences and Perspective
L. M. Papa

Digital modelling and representations: Design and works by Riccardo Morandi and Sergio Musumeci
G. Curti, B. Polimeni, S. Raschi

Computer modeling to document architecture and for use in design prefiguration
M. R. Cundari, G. C. Cundari

Computer modelling based on integrated survey techniques and to document architecture
C. Cundari

Digital Modeling in architectural analysis for training engineers to building design
M. La Mantia



16.00-16.15    Coffe break


16.15-17.45 Auditorium Hall
Session S8A

“Knowledge Based Engineering and Product Data Exchange and Management

Chairman: Prof. Sergio Rizzuti

Vertical metadata in learning objects to recovery the industrial historical heritage
M. Castro-García, J.I. Rojas-Sola, Mª.P. Carranza-Cañadas

A proposal to incorporate the Value Analysis/Value Engineering techniques into a PLM system
J. Cerqueiro, L. López, J. Pose

LeanCost: knowledge-based tool for early product cost estimation
M. Mandolini, P., Cicconi, M., Germani

Towards a “high productive design methodology” dedicated to modular product design using a Knowledge Configuration approach
A. Robert, C. Vernier, T. Boudouh, S. Roth, S. Gomes


16.15-17.45 Theater Hall
Session S8T

“Teaching Product Design and Drawing History

Chairman: Prof. Andrea Giordano

Engineering designer curricula and creativity development
F. Rosa, E. Rovida, R. Viganò

Improving a CAD tool to simplify the design process of electrical schematics oriented to industrial-machine control
P. Ubieto Artur, C. García Hernández, A. Fernández Sora

CAD, BIM, GIS and other tricks of the computer science in the education of the Building Engineer
G. N. Massai, M. M. Bocconcino

Teaching Methods for Concept Design and Prototyping
               F. De Crescenzio, M. Fantini, F. Lucchi


18.00           Conference conclusion


20.00           Dinner




Poster Session

Thursday, 16th   11.00     Grecale Hall

Session P1G

Industrial Design and Ergonomics
Virtual Reality and Interactive Design
Integrated Product and Process Design
Chairman: Prof. Vincenzo Antonio Nigrelli

Analysis tool of the management of integrated systems of implementation in the design of systems of industrial organization in Smes industrial devoted to mounts and electrical installations
                P. Ibáñez Carabantes, J. Sancho Val, A. Fernández Sora, B. Callejero Cornao

Application of graphic expression in the design of “New Rolling System for Horizontal Blinds” applied to doors
                I. Sentana, E. Sentana, M. López

Ergonomic design and analysis of a post in a stall
                Roberto Prádanos; Juan Manuel Sanz; Daniel Gutiérrez; Nerea de la Puente; José Ignacio Rojas;
                Manuel Domínguez; María del Mar Espinosa

Evaluation of the Experiential Levels of CPGs (Consumer Packaged Goods) using 3D Modelling
                A. Serrano Tierz,R. Rebollar Rubio, I. Lidón López,A. Fernández Sora, F. Julián Pérez,
                F.J. Espinach Orús

Influence of geometrical characteristics on eco-designed products
                R. Gaha, A. Benamara, B. Yannou

Office furniture design for wheelchair user
                F.J., Castillo, O.D., de Cózar, I., Ladrón de GuevaraJ.,JiménezE.B., Blázquez

Shape Similarity: Methods and Industrial Applications
                D. Francia, A. Ceruti, G. Caligiana, A. Liverani

Solving an engineering problem in shipbuilding by Triz method
                A. Nocerino, M. Pappalardo, A. Pellegrino, F. Villecco

Tracing the Evolution of Automobile design: Factors influencing the development of aesthetics in automobiles from 1885 to the present.
                M. Jaafarnia, A. Bass


Session P2G

Knowledge Based Engineering and Product Data Exchange and Management
Geometric Modelling and Analysis
Image Processing and Analysis
Reverse Engineering
Engineering Methods in Medicine

Chairmen: Prof. Josè Ignacio Rojas Sola  Prof. Giuseppe Monno

Automatic alignment of multi-view range maps by optical stereo-tracking
                S. Barone, A. Paoli, A. V. Razionale

Characteristics of conic segments in Bézier form
                J. Sánchez Reyes

Evolution of the design and decoration processes of ceramic tiles
                B. Defez, V. Santiago, G. Peris-Farjarnés, F. Giménez Alcaide, T. Magal

KBE approaches in preliminary design: a case study
                M. Caneri, G. Concheri, R. Meneghello, A. Baschiera

On the performance of several stereo calibration methods and models
                R. Furferi, L. Governi, M. Nunziati

Shape modeling and analysis of a human eye based on individual experimental data
                S. Giovanzana, G. Savio, R. Meneghello, G. Concheri

Structural analysis of a posterior stability total knee joint replacement
                T. Ingrassia, L. Nalbone, V. Nigrelli, D. Tumino , V. Ricotta


Session P3G

Simulation and Experimental Approaches
Geometric Product Specification and Tolerancing
Design Methods and Applications
Chairman: Prof. Fernando Jose Aguilar Torres

3D CAD and multi-domain simulation integration for Energy Scavenger design
                S. Tornincasa, E. Bonisoli, F. Di Monaco

A CAD toolbox for Composite Materials Modelling and Drawing
                A. Ceruti, D. Francia, A. Liverani , G. Caligiana

Algorithm to calculate the Minkowski sums of 3-polytopes dedicated to tolerance analysis
                D. Teissandier, V., Delos

Design Of Simulation Experiments method for Injection Molding process optimization
                A.O. Andrisano, F. Gherardini, F. Leali, M. Pellicciari, A. Vergnano

Mathematical modelling and simulation of an adjustable-stiffness spring
                J.M. Chacón, A. González Rodríguez, A. Donoso , A.G. González Rodríguez

Numerical fatigue life evaluation of an innovative internal combustion engine shaft
                T. Ingrassia, G. Lo Buglio, E. Lombardo, V. Nigrelli, G. Sergio

Preliminary Design of a New Bridge System for a Modern Mine Hunter Vessel
                D. Boddi, M. Vezzani

Redesign of an auto-levelling base for submarine seismic sensor
                M. D’Anna, T. Ingrassia, G. Mangano, V. Nigrelli

Study of the impact of a bomb on the side of a vessel and validation by comparing the original sheet with numerical simulation
                G. García, A. Álvarez, C. Anido, B. Álvarez

The geometrical specification in concurrent product design
                L. López, J. Cerqueiro, J. Pose


Session P4G

Teaching Product Design and Drawing History

Designing an interactive web manager applied to the development of spatial abilities
                C. Melgosa, B. Ramos, E. Baños, E. García, A. Román

Evolution of graphic representation applied to chemical engineering
                I. Sentana , E. Sentana, N. Sesse

From Research to Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Which Competences?From Research to Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Which Competences?
                A. Riel, S. Tichkiewitch

Graphical formulary of statically determinate and indeterminate beams
                P. Gonzaga, L. Gimena, M. Crespo, F. N. Gimena

Learning from images of architetcural space
                A. Giordano

Leonardo’s Civil Bridges
                J. Alonso Trigueros, A.L. Romera Zarza, G. Fernández San Elías

Parametric Cad in the teaching of drawing for Mechanical Engineer
                G. Defranco, L., Fuertes, S., Gavino, L., Lopresti, A., Ristevich

Safety signage made easy using parametric CAD-based software
                C. García-Hernández, P. Ubieto-Artur, A. Finneran, A.G.F. Gibb, P. Bust, J.C. Rubio-Romero

Teaching the rules of the space: the Olympic Theater in Sabbioneta
                C. Monteleone

Use of an Open-Source PLM solution to improve teamwork performance in product design courses
                P. Sanin, R. Mejia-Gutierrez


Session P5G

Surveying, Mapping and GIS Techniques
               Chairman: Prof. Lia Papa

Analysis of the geometry of nature. Particular case of traditional underground cellars
                C. Porras-Amores, A. Adán-Oliver, J.L. Benito , F. R. Mazarrón, Ignacio Cañas

BAECULA battle Geographic Information System
                I. Cárdenas Anguita, F. Mozas Martínez, J. M. Valderrama Zafra

Economic valuation Hornachuelos Natural Park (Córdoba, Spain), supported by Geographic Information Techniques
                R.E. Hidalgo Fernández, M.A. Hidalgo Fernández, J.A. Cañas Madueño

Elaboration of a GIS for the management of the new building of the engineering’s school
                J. R. Andrés, E. Molero, M. Luz García, M. A. Contreras

Hydrologic moment of a watershed area
                M. Goñi, J.J. López, F. N. Gimena

Landform of Alicante province by using GIS
                A.P. Merina, C. C. Perucho, M. A. Ruiz, I. C. Guerrero

Methodology for highways network infrastructures´ design in the landscape
                C. C. Perucho, A. P. Merina, M. A. Ruiz, I. C. Guerrero

Portraits of lost and possible cities
                M.P. Iarossi, F. Belloni

Registration and 3D virtual reconstruction of the old Carmen's Spa Park (Málaga)
                E.B., Blázquez, M.L. Ladrón de Guevara, M.C., Ladrón de Guevara F., Hermosilla F.J., Castillo

Simulation and virtual approach: from architecture to landscape
                E. Marchis, M. Vitali

Survey and graphic interpretation of underground cellars
                F. R. Mazarrón, J.A. Flores-Soto, J. Cid-Falceto, C. Porras-Amores, Ignacio Cañas

Tomas Lopez’s Geographic Atlas of Spain (1787) And Its Hydrographic Network: GIS Analysis of the “Reyno de Jaen”
                C. San Antonio Gómez, F. Manzano Agugliaro, J. Martínez García


Session P6G

Representation techniques
Innovative Methods in Architectural Design
Chairman: Prof. Andrea Giordano

Bioclimatic passive designs rural buildings
                I. Cañas, P. Núñez, S. Martín-Ocaña, F. R. Mazarrón, J.L.García-Grinda

Design time and time architecture
                P. J. Juan Gutiérrez

Heaven in the stone
                A. Pagliano

Main axonometric system related views as tilt of the coordinate planes
                L. Gimena, P. Gonzaga, F. N. Gimena

Parameter Combinatorial Diagram. Application to the study and analysis of Hydrological Simulation Models.
                M. Goñi, J. Javier López, F. N. Gimena

The CGI production in San Francesco’s church in Padova
                I. Friso

The digital model in the documentation of architectural elements
                L. Carnevali

The drawings design realized by parametric computer systems
                G.Garzino, M. Lo Turco, M. Vozzola

Walking through history. A visionary project for the third-millenium perugia
                P. Belardi, L. Martini




Extra congressual activities

Walking Conferences


Thursday, 16th
10.00 - 12.00

Site visit to Piazza San Marco and Olivetti shop

Guide: Elena Svalduz (Università degli studi di Padova).

 Meeting point: in front of Caffè Florian (10 a.m.)
The tour will finish at 12 a.m.

The site visit will explore the main transformation of Piazza San Marco in a long period of time, from the origins  to the 20th century when a new exhibition space was designed by Carlo Scarpa to become the so-called Negozio Olivetti. The “shop”, to be considered the masterpiece of the architect, has been restored and reopened to the public after more than one decade.

Elena Svalduz        
Obtained the PhD at the Dipartimento di Storia dell'Architettura of Istituto Universitario di Architettura of Venice; actually is appointed teacher at University of Padua. Besides articles on the Italian architectural and urban history of the early modern times, she published Da castello a “città”: Carpi e Alberto Pio (Rome: Officina, 2001); (editor) L’ambizione di essere città. Piccoli, grandi centri nell’Italia rinascimentale (Venice: Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, 2004); (co-editor) Il palazzo dei Pio a Carpi. Sette secoli di architettura e arte, Venezia, Marsilio, 2008; (co-editor) Il Rinascimento italiano e l’Europa, vol. VI, Luoghi, spazi, architetture, Treviso-Costabissara, Angelo Colla editore, 2010.


Thursday, 16th
15.00 - 17.00

The Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Architecture, Painting and Devotion in Venice between Middle Ages and Renaissance

Guides: Gianmario Guidarelli and Ester Brunet


15.00 - 15.30: Introduction to Frari and short visit inside

15.30 - 16.00: Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, visit outside

16.00 - 17.00: Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, visit inside

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Ester Brunet            
Took her undergraduate degree in Art History at the Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia (2005) and her Ph.D in Medieval History from Università degli Studi di Torino (2009). She teaches Art History at the ISSR “San Lorenzo Giustiniani” (Venice), and she has a fellowship in the Fondazione Studium Generale Marcianum,for a research on Tintoretto’s work at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.


Gianmario Guidarelli        
Took his undergraduate degree in Architecture and the professional degree from Università Iuav di Venezia (2002). Since earning his Ph.d. in Architectural and Urban History at the School of Advanced Studies in Venice (2006), he has worked as a teaching assistant in Duke University (NC), and as a teacher in Architectural History at Iuav.  He has a fellowship in the University of Padua for a research on baroque architecture in Venice.


 Friday, 17th
10.00 - 12.007

Peggy Guggenheim: an American art collector in Venice

Guide: Lucia Gava

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Lucia gava              
Took her undergraduate degree in literature (1996), thesis title “Bonnefantenmuseum e Groninger Museum: trasformazione di due musei regionali olandesi”, and her Ph.D in Art History (2004 ), thesis title “Corrado Martens. Lettura critica dell'opera pittorica dalla Nuova Oggettività al neo-impressionismo”, at the Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia. Research Fellow 2010 at the Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, research: “Documentazione critica sugli artisti statunitensi a Venezia dal 1895 al 1940”


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